Lost Wax Investment Casting Manufacturers in India

Super Quali Cast is one of the leading lost wax investment casting manufacturers of the country. We have extensive experience of making high-grade castings for different industries. Investment casting is also known as lost wax casting. Investment casting requires precision. Lost wax investment castings manufacturers across the world have been using precision methods to make lost wax investment castings in India. The castings have high accuracy. All the lost wax investment castings are intricately detailed. Specially, if we compare lost wax investment casting with other casting methods, lost wax investment casting is done with more precision.

Super Quali Cast’s Lost Wax Investment Casting Process

We, at Super Quali Cast use the latest technology, methods and tools for lost wax investment casting in India. We make high-quality castings by dipping the material in the refractory material slurry for coating. After the coating solidifies, the process of dipping is repeated multiple times to boost the strength and thickness of the coating. After the final coating solidifies, the wax is melted. Later, the molten metal is poured in the cavity made by the wax pattern.

Advantages of Super Quali Cast’s Lost Wax Investment Casting

  • We use high-end technology as well as the latest tools and methods to make superb investment casting for a wide range of industries.
  • We have a modern setup with all the required ultra-modern plant and machineries to manufacture lost wax investment castings in India.
  • Our experts test the raw materials multiple times before using them for castings.
  • We partner with some of the leading vendors for raw materials.
  • Our quality team plans and implements several quality methodologies to test the quality of the castings.
  • We have also acquired all the necessary certifications to make investment castings.
  • Super Quali Cast also helps the companies understand investment casting better.
If you want to know more about lost wax investment casting manufacturers in India, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your queries.